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One option for business owners and managers is to consider training for a career as a business consultant, perhaps specialising in providing support to other business owners and managers.

We'll be exploring how business owners and managers can grow the profits of their business. Not just by finding more clients but also the opportunities business owners and managers have to cut their costs to grow their business's profits.

Of course, we'll also be looking at how business owners and managers businesses can grow their base of clients as sales is just as important to business owners and managers businesses as any other.

So I repeat: One option for business owners and managers is to consider training for a career as a business consultant, perhaps specialising in providing support to other business owners and managers.

On a more developmental note, we'll look at executive coaching for business owners and managers, especially managers of businesses in your industry. As specialist consultants to your industry we provide specialist training for business owners and managers businesses. We also have a series of publications for your industry specifically for business owners and managers.

So once again: One option for business owners and managers is to consider training for a career as a business consultant, perhaps specialising in providing support to other business owners and managers.

Going back to the issue of how to get more clients for your business, you need to think about who is truly your industry expert to help business owners and managers? We'd like to propose that, as specialist consultants to your industry, we are certainly well positioned to qualify for that title to some degree.

So that's why the article you're about to read is especially relevant for your industry and business owners and managers in particular.

What's the message? Dare I spell it out one last time? One option for business owners and managers is to consider training for a career as a business consultant, perhaps specialising in providing support to other business owners and managers.

12 Mini Case-Studies for Business Owners and Managers:
Secret Low Cost Marketing Strategies That Work Like a Dream

Please remember that these case-studies are not about theory. They're about 12 real business people. People just like you. People who need to balance conflicting pressures of work and family. People with bills to pay and clients to keep happy. But there is one difference between all 12 of these people and you...

These 12 are already benefitting from using these strategies in their businesses. They're already enjoying a higher level of personal success. Greater rewards for less time and stress. And that's what I call working smarter. Just like you can. And that's exactly what I'd like to encourage you to do.

While you're reading the case studies, if at any point you decide you'd like to speak to someone about your own situation, please click on the "Get in Touch" tab in the top right hand corner of your screen.

You'll see how the 12 managers used the Profit Focus tools. And you'll see what a difference they made in their businesses. How the tools helped them identify and implement secret strategies to:
- accelerate their growth
- turbo-charge their sales
- and explode their profits

Maybe some of these strategies will be completely new to you. And maybe some you will have heard of, but thought they weren't relevant to you; Maybe because you just couldn't see how to make them work for you.

And maybe some you will have tried before. But they didn't work. Simply because you were missing a final part of the jigsaw:

"How to make them work for in particular?"

Well, you're not alone. Those are some problems the managers in these 12 case studies had to overcome. And Profit Focus helped them to join the dots. To get these strategies working to their full potential.

For now you're about to discover how Profit Focus can produce these exact same results for you.

But first, if you'd like to see how the Profit Focus tools have worked for some other people, please click here to see a brief case study.

How to Become a Highly Paid Business Consultant
With the Profit Focus Toolkit

The idea of becoming a consultant fills most people with a mixture of feelings:

Of course, there's the satisfaction of developing a highly valued set of skills that will stay with you wherever you go. And then there's the excitement of earning a very comfortable living, with absolutely no upper ceiling. And the sense of real freedom that comes from being your own boss, after perhaps years of working for other people.

But then, for most, there's also the fear... How much will I need to invest to launch my consulting career? How will I find enough clients to pay my bills? How will I negotiate consulting fees of hundreds or thousands of pounds per day? And how can I be sure that my clients will pay up?

Well, that's where the Hundredfold blueprint guarantees your success. And here's why...

At last, successful consulting made easy.

"Training with Hundredfold is not just about learning how to use the Profit Focus tools. Or the personal support you get from your consulting mentor. And it's not just about the opportunity to earn while you learn either.

No! Those things are great, but here's what really draws people to Hundredfold...

1) You don't need to worry about marketing, as you get a regular flow of enquiries from managers who are looking for consultants licensed to apply the Hundredfold business growth tools, including the Profit Focus toolkit.

2) You don't need to worry about time-wasters, as all of these enquiries are fully vetted before you get involved, so the quality is good.

3) And you don't need to worry about negotiating fees or collecting payment, as all of that is taken care of for you too.

Hundredfold not only gives you the Profit Focus tools, training and support to succeed in the job, but they also free you up from the biggest problems faced by most go-it-alone consultants: generating quality leads, negotiating generous fees, and making sure you get paid."
(If you're wondering where those leads come from, just think about how you came to be looking at this information today.)

So the only real hurdle left for most people is how much it's all going to cost to get started. And that all depends on you:
- your background;
- your experience;
- your qualifications;
- and how far you want to go with your consulting career.

You see, we tailor your development plan based on your personal needs. For example, you may already be an experienced consultant who just wants to get licenced for a few specific tools to use with your own clients. That's not going to need much of an investment.

But on the other hand, you might be someone who wants to launch a new career in consulting, and wants to gain the broadest possible licence. In comparison, that's going to take a far greater commitment of both time and money.

So, how can you get that question answered for YOU? Well, we basically take you through an evaluation process:

- First of all we make sure that you've got the right qualities to succeed as a consultant.
- Then we work out a personal plan with you, to help you achieve your goals, in your timescales.
- And finally we create a development plan suited to your particular needs.
(At this point you'll know exactly how much your plan will cost to deliver.)

Now, we don't like to cut corners with any of this, because it's your future success we're talking about. And it's always a shame when anyone compromises their future because they are short of funds, especially if it's someone with strong potential. So, I'm pleased to tell you that we have access to a generous career sponsorship program...

It's called the Nurture Fund, and is a special source of development cash for investing in people like you. The trustees take all the risk out of your decision to invest in your development. They do this by investing heavily in you; financing the entire training program for you.

Right now they have set aside a special pool of funds. It is reserved specifically for consultant training. So, if you'd like to get licensed to use the Hundredfold tools and systems then this could be perfect for you.

It's not a bottomless fund though, and once this special pool has been committed, anyone else will need to wait or fund their training themselves. So, if you're interested in this, I suggest you get in touch as soon as you can. In fact, if I were you, I'd drop us a quick line today just to get your name on the list.

There's absolutely no risk to you.
There's no credit checks for you to pass.
And there's no need for you to hand over any security or personal guarantees either.

You just need to have the right kind of qualities we're looking for, and potential to operate successfully with the Hundredfold blueprint.

Click here to discover how Nurture Fund career sponsorship works.

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